Become A Referee

Want to become a Referee?

Refereeing is for anyone – male/female or young/old!

Do you have what it takes to become the next Bill Harrigan or Tim Mander? Do you have a love for the game, a patient demeanour, and a desire to excel?

Becoming a referee is a simple process. This page will tell you all you need to know about joining and becoming a Ref yourself.  The minimum age for a Referee is 13 years.

Being a referee is great fun. You will improve your fitness and knowledge of the rules as well as work with some of the most enthusiastic people in Rugby League. And it’s not just for those dreaming of NRL success. Many of our referees are happy just being involved and refereeing locally.

If you’d like to give refereeing a go, contact us using the form below and we be in contact with you. 

Fun Fact: Peter Gough who is a member of our association and commenced his refereeing career, here, is now refereeing in the National Rugby League (NRL)!

Have you got what it takes?  Fill out the form below and get started now!